School Admissions / Derbyn i Ysgol

St. Mary’s is a voluntary-aided primary school, located in a mixed residential area near to the town’s centre. It serves the parish of St Mary’s Church, Carmarthen. Whilst the majority of our pupils are Catholic, we also admit baptised children of other Christian denominations and children whose parents wish them to be educated within the religious ethos of a Catholic school.

St Mary’s School accepts pupils into the Nursery class in the term after their third birthday on a part time basis for two terms. We have three intakes during the year in September, January and April.

Pupils start full time school in the term of their fourth birthday.

If you would like to visit the school or have any enquiries, please contact the school directly by phone or email.

If you would like to apply for a place at the school, please contact the school office in the first instance. You can also apply for a place at the school via the Carmarthenshire County Council Admissions page

Click here for the CCC admission page and the admission information for parents here.

You will find a copy of the school prospectus here

Our School Patron

Our school is dedicated to Mary, the Blessed Mother of God.

About Our Mission Statement

‘Living the Faith’

At St Mary’s School we believe that each child is special. Each has a special talent to bring to the School, or a special need to be accommodated. We aim to provide the very highest standard of education for all children.

Our mission statement reflects the belief that every individual has the potential to grow and improve in the Faith of Jesus Christ our Lord, both individually and collectively and that we work together with all members of the school community to achieve this. Our school is always striving to improve, grow and move forward. This school is about learning and celebrating achievement and success. It recognises that self-esteem is crucial for achievement.

The Ethos and Values of the school

As a Catholic School, our Mission Statement ‘Living the Faith’ prepares pupils to become productive Christians through Gospel values. The intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of all our pupils is strengthened by our Christian principles of justice, love and forgiveness. We recognise the dignity and celebrate the value of each child and adult working within the school community – all are encouraged to fully develop their potential. The commitment of pupils, parents and school are summarised in the Home-School-Pupil Agreement which pupils and parents are invited to sign when offered a place at the school.

Our philosophy of Education is always to help every child fulfil his or her potential, whatever that may be.